We are a professional scanning company specializing in converting paper, microfiche, microfilm, aperture cards, and large format pieces into an electronic format. We carefully manage your conversion project from the very beginning with real time quality assurance checks in place at every step.  No project is too big or too small.  We take on small box projects to bulk scanning projects.  



We can scan all types of paper in all sizes into an electronic format including manuals, magazines, and business cards.  We can help you organize and find the information that you need.

Microfiche, Microfilm and Aperture Cards

The only way to access this information is with a micrographic reader.  Convert your information into an easily accessible, searchable electronic file.  This will improve your workflow, increase your productivity, and help you find what you are looking for in seconds.

Large Format Documents

Convert your oversized documents such as blue prints, building plans, oversized drawings and maps into a digital format.  We ensure the highest quality scan and capture all of the details no matter how small.  Once your oversized documents are converted, you can easily access them and share them without giving away and possibly losing the original.

Data Conversion and Consulting