We manage your conversion project from the very beginning to end and possibly beyond.  Some of our clients are on a monthly, quarterly or annual scanning schedule.  We focus on what we know best so that you can focus on what you know best. Our goal is to make the process easy and help you achieve your project goal.  We want to help you shine like a rock star and exceed your expectations for the project.



  • We work with you to schedule the secure pick up of your boxes while paying attention to the details on your end

  • Upon receiving your boxes in our secure facility, we inventory the boxes and conduct a thorough review of your collection  

  • We will see your project through until completion and your boxes are either returned to you or certified destroyed upon your approval with a certificate of destruction

Stages of Conversion in Our Process

  • Project Definition Stage - Your Project Manager and you will work together to set the requirements and timeline for your project.   This includes the naming convention for your files, how to request information 

  • Prepping Stage - Your documents will be combed through page by page to be run through our scanners.  Our Team removes staples, binder clips, repositions sticky notes so each is not covering up any information on the page and unfolding dog ears

  • Scanning Stage - Your documents will be run through our high speed scanners converted to an electronic format. PDF (portable document format) is the recommended and preferred format  

  • OCR Stage - Your electronic documents will be run through our OCR (optical character recognition) tool to apply a searchable layer to the file.  All of the machine text will be searchable so you can easily find the nail in the nail stack

  • Naming Stage - The files in your collection are named according to the defined naming convention

  • Quality Assurance - We have real time quality assurance checks in place starting from the very beginning and throughout each stage.  Our goal is catch instances and correct them immediately to optimize our process for efficiency and accuracy.  We want to understand the nuances in converting your documents so that we can provide you with the highest quality set of electronic files 


  • Upon completion of the conversion of your collection, we will provide your electronic files to you on an encrypted storage device such a flash drive, external hard drive or cd 

Project Management

  • The DSS Team is committed to providing you with caring support and assistance.  You will have a project manager dedicated to carefully monitoring the status of your project and timeline, providing detailed updates, and obtaining any information from your collection that is needed while your documents are in our care.  We are happy to provide what you need so that there is no disruption to your business or process with a quick turn around on our end