Regardless of whether you work for the government, the public or the private section, if you work with paper, microfiche or microfilm, there are numerous benefits to converting your collection into an electronic format.  You can convert your information into a searchable digital file and take advantage of the benefits of going digital.

Protect Against A Disaster

What would happen if there was a flood or fire in your office or the storage facility where your boxes were stored?  If you eliminate the paper, microfiche or film, you can protect your company and data from a disaster. In addition, with a back up system or disaster recovery process in place you can protect against a data disaster.

Save Space, Save Money

What if you could clear out a room full of file cabinets for workspace for staff?  Or if you did not have to pay storage fees for boxes full of paper, microfiche or microfilm, how much money would you save? You can save space or utilize your office space in more productive way and save money on storage fees.

Make Your Work Day More Efficient and Productive

How much more efficient and productive would your workday be if you could find what you are looking for in seconds vs. searching for through paper or on microfiche or microfilm? What if the paper, microfiche or microfilm was in a box in storage?  What if a piece of paper was misfiled or your collection was not organized? If you have an electronic collection, you can easy search for information and locate what you need in seconds.

Increase The Satisfaction of Your Clients and Employees

How much happier would your client be if you found the answer to their question in seconds?  How much happier would your employee be if they did not have to search for documents which had been misfiled or lost?  Being able to provide a quick response to your clients is key to providing the best client service.

Be Prepared and Know What You Have

How prepared are you to meet compliance requirements around an audit?  Do you know what you have so you are on top of your document retention policy? By converting your files to digital files, you know what you have so you can be more prepared for compliance requirements and stay on top of your document retention policy.

Race Against Time, The Elements and Emergency Repair Costs

What do if your only set of blueprints are faded and torn?  Or your microfiche has not been stored in a dry and climate controlled room and are starting to deteriorate?  What if your microfiche reader breaks down and cost to repair the machine is very costly? Convert your collection to an electronic format and save your information, data and money.